Elation And Let-Down

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

My association with Vampire Hadley Price has been a manic exercise in elation and let-down.

One of the most thrilling things a writer can experience is getting the first draft done on a book. And recently, I’ve done just that. A brand new Hadley Price adventure. There it is, all the details out of my head and down on paper. (Or more specifically, on the computer screen captured, in my case, in an Open Office Writer doc.) Literally hundreds of hours of work- done.

Of course, the editing process is next. In that, my editor always gives me a huge dose of humility which is a let-down. That’s followed by the elation of getting a definitive product after all the rewrites. Nothing I write is seen by the public until my editor and Hadley are satisfied with it. And I get the impression that they both enjoy putting me through that manic elation/let-down process.

Now there’s another form of let-down in this and I ask my fellow writers if you experience this as well. After you pour your guts into a novel-length story that takes months of your life to write, don’t you feel let-down when the first draft is done? It’s the thing you go back to everyday to chip away at it. When the chipping is done, do you feel a little lost that it’s no longer the thing to go back to everyday? That’s what I’m going through now, with this first draft done.

And yes, we all come up with ideas all the time that we use on current or future projects. And I have a few for Hadley’s next book. She’s always whispering in my ear. I’ve written the first six thousand or so words for that. But when you start a book, you start from scratch. It’s isn’t like going into something that has a fairly well-define structure. Hadley tells me things rapid-fire toward the end of a first draft. She is, however, a bit of a tease, when starting her next book. She isn’t as forthcoming at the beginning. And I guess I miss that.

For all of you- writers, readers and anyone who has a least a passive interest in the continuing storys of the Vampire Hadley Price, the most interesting let-down is the fact that her first novel, Beckman’s Folly, isn’t even out yet. It’s in the process and there’s elation in that. But man, it’s a detailed, time-consuming process. And frankly, it’s taking much more time than I anticipated. It is in the works. Beckman’s Folly will be published. And I’ll let you know when it’s released as soon as I know myself.

But for the reader, there’s no let-down here. Hadley looks forward to meeting you in her first book, Beckman’s Folly. And she wanted me to tell you that you won’t have to wonder if there’s another book after it that continues her adventures.

There is. I just finished the first draft of it.