Waiting and Learning Curves

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

I’ve been asked where one can purchase a copy of Beckman’s Folly. The release date is pending so it isn’t out yet. When it is, however, it’ll be available at the big online retailers in both ebook and paper book. I won’t name specifics until it does come out. Stay tuned.

One of the people asking me that on the Tales of Vampire Hadley Price Facebook page, just happened to be someone who lives one town over from me. I’ve never met her face-to-face, but we are fellow locals. For anyone living in the greater Northeast USA, New England area, I’ll tell you what I told her. There are plans in the works to do book signing events within driving distance of where I live in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Please check back regularly to this blog and Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price on Facebook for updates on that. I’d enjoy meeting you and signing your new copy of Beckman’s Folly.

In other news- I’ve emailed the modification forms for the final product of Beckman’s Folly to the publisher last weekend and have received an email back saying that they got them. And again, the waiting game for them to get back to me saying that this will finally get a release date.

In the meantime, I’ve been learning all kinds of new software and digital technology as prep-work to produce various promotional items. I’m getting a learning curve on a couple of graphics programs and my niece and I are getting up to speed on her new Nikon digital SLR. Not a big fan of selfies. Any pictures of my homely mug, online or elsewhere, will be taken by some else. I’ve tasked my niece, Jessica, with the challenge of making me look not totally ugly.

In the works are Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price tee shirts (basic black, of course), Bumper stickers (but once you get one you can stick it anywhere you want) and bookmarks. The tee shirt and bumper sticker graphic are the same and look really-really cool. Vampire cool. My artist, Keith Wood, has done it again. Also, my friends over at Gemini Dream Designs will be making jewelry based on things Hadley and Svetlana wear in the books. In fact, Kelly LePlante at Gemini Dream Designs was very helpful in designing that jewelry for my characters. Check them out on Facebook: Gemini Dream Designs.

And in all of this, as I’ve mentioned, I’m also in the process of editing the next book in the series. And also some other Hadley-related writing projects. I’ve been sitting on the book cover art for Beckman’s Folly for a few months now. Keith did a great job. It’s everything I can do to not show it off. But as soon as I get the word from the publisher, I’ll post it online.

The story, the cover art and all of it will be worth the wait.

Making eye contact with the Vampire Hadley Price? (Artwork by Keith Wood)

Making eye contact with the Vampire Hadley Price? (Artwork by Keith Wood)

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Warren Onufer is the official scribe of Tales Of The Vampire Hadley Price. He's been a movie critic, a stringer for a local newspaper, a short story writer and has been- and still is -involved in local radio. Warren is the co-host of the Grace and the Author podcast. He's a life-long Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror fan who lives with his three imaginary Vampire Friends- Hadley, Nathan and Svetlana -in Chicopee, Massacusetts.

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