A little Friendly Rivalry

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

A little friendly rivalry…

Hadley has been looking over my shoulder as I prepare for my trip down south to Tennessee in two weeks to show off her new book at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, November 20th-22nd and my book signing at Ricks Comics in Clarksville on Wednesday, November 25th.

Within that, she has challenged me on something. A little friendly rivalry. Now understand, she’s a tiny bad-ass Vampire girl and I’m just a big schlep of a Human. I would never challenge her on anything. What chance would I have of besting her at any game? But since she challenged me, I figure she’s humoring me by implying that there’s the slightest possibility that I could win.

So, what is that challenge?

Both of us are relatively new to Facebook. Me, with my Warren Onufer page and she, with her Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price page. We’re both a little over one year into it. And we both thank you for joining us in the insanity of this whole Vampire book thing.

Since the release of Hadley’s first book, Beckman’s Folly: Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price a couple of months ago, there’s been a spike in the Likes on her Facebook page and also a marked increase on the Friends on my Facebook page. Both of us are right around 60 on those.

Her challenge to me is this: which one of us can reach 100 first? Can I get 100 Friends before she gets 100 Likes?

Hadley and I are tight buds. We do everything together. So it’s kind of strange that I’m not working with her on this, but as a rival against her. She has a sense of humor about it all so she’ll probably not kill me or turn me into a zombie if I win. Broken bones, however, are a possibility.

So cast your vote-

Team Warren- Friend me on Warren Onufer on Facebook

Team Hadley- Like her on the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Facebook page.



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