From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

We Like you too!

Since the time when the Vampire Hadley Price granted me the honor of going public with her story in her first book, Beckman’s Folly: Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price, she’s had a presence on Facebook. And she’s one happy little Vampire gal because, as of today, that Facebook page, Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price, has just gone over 100 Likes.

Now I’m just a Human so 100 Likes sounds like a lot. When I first started writing Hadley’s exploits, there were only a half dozen or so people who knew I was doing that. And most them were nothing more than mildly amused by that odd activity and not particularly pro-active in voicing that amusment. But since the release of her book, recently, legions of you have taken the time to not just visit Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price on Facebook, but over 100 of you have pro-actively Liked it. To which we say-Thank you!

The Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Facebook page has had more than 8,000 visitors from 10 countries around the world. (Thank you Facebook Insights.) Are you- or do you know someone -from Japan, Egypt, South Africa or Argentina? No vists from people there yet. Hadley and I invite you, and them, to stop by.

Hadley’s daughter, the Vampire Svetlana Magnovska, is from Russia. We haven’t gotten any Facebook visits from there. Svetlana welcomes all new Russian friends. (Could you help spread the word, Tatianna Abdrin?) I do have to say, Svetlana is bi-lingual. She speaks Russian, but I don’t. And she’s notabley absent when I try to find her to interpret that into English for me. So thank you in advance for doing me the service of responding in English.

I thank you and Hadley thanks you. I think 100 is a lot. As a Vampire, Hadley’s used to dealing in larger numbers. But she thinks 100 is a great start.

If you haven’t started, that is to say, read the book and posted a review on Amazon or elsewhere, you can come along with us. We invite you to. The first book, in an all-new Vampire adventure series, Beckman’s Folly: Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price, is available online, as a paperback or ebook, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBook and Kobo.

And if you’ve already read Hadley’s first book? It doesn’t end there. She has many stories to tell us. I’ve finished the first draft of the next book in the series and my editor, Christine Piesyk , is already hacking her way through it. And the first draft of the third book is almost done.

Hadley’s adventures continue. There’s a lot to Like.

P.S.: Hadley reminded me to tell you that you can also Follow and Friend the author of her stories on Facebook. He’s a guy who looks a lot like me and calls himself Warren Onufer.


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