Torch is ready for editing prior to 2017 release

WJ Onufer at Memphis Comic and Fantasy in 2015.

WJ Onufer at Memphis Comic and Fantasy in 2015 with Beckman’s Folly: Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price.

The draft of Warren J. Onufer’s newest book, “Torch,” is now in place on my desktop and ready for editing. I hold the “red pen” and am prepared to make the edits in blood! —  Christine Anne Piesyk, editor.

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As a lifelong writer, I have immersed myself in information and experience that makes my life and my writing both rich and satisfying. Writing can be immensely personal and intensely public. Writing (journalistic and creative) has been my tool for exploration of self, an outlet for my creative energy, a living, and a means by which I process all aspects of my life. Rich components of my life are "The Arts." Plural. Be it theatre, music, visual arts, or the art of nature, without this beauty (and the challenges they may pose), life loses some its glow.

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