Credit where credit is due

From the desk of  W. J. Onufer…

It was in October of 2010 that I started writing about my little Vampire gal Hadley Price. That was the beginning of it all. Even before I made the decision to write a full-length novel about her, I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of six to nine months running stories ideas around in my head. Those ideas, in that time, dominated my thoughts. I’m used to that now. I think about Hadley, Nathan and Svetlana all the time. But back then, it was a funky new experience to be haunted by people who are pure fiction. Why did I start writing about Hadley? I started writing about Hadley because she wouldn’t let not do that. She was steadfast in her refusal to discontinue haunting me. She wasn’t going away. She designated me to tell her stories.

At the beginning, I had no plans to write a series of novels. Since then, I’ve released two and have another Hadley novel that will be released after the beginning of the year. That, and I have still another manuscript that’s about 80% done on the first draft. And I have ideas for two more books after that. Hadley’s kept me busy.

Back in 2010, however, I made the decision to write a book. One book. Just one. And it would be Hadley’s story. At the time, I didn’t even know Hadley’s name yet. My one-book idea concerned a Vampire woman who meets a Human man. They fall in love and live happily ever after. Sound cliché? In part, it was. But I had what I thought was an interesting new take on that.

This is where I have to give credit where credit is due.

The idea for the Hadley-Nathan romance came from- I’m not kidding here –the Twilight books. I’m secure enough in my masculinity to admit that I own and have read all for four of them- as well as the novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

I enjoyed reading them. They were okay. Not great. But Okay. I would never deny Stephenie Meyer her success. Good for her. And I think the snarky dismissal of her work in popular culture is way too excssive. Anyone dissing the Twightlight books should try writing a novel themselves. Try reaching the level of not-great-but-okay. Nevermind going beyond it. Yes, as a writer, I’m biased on this one. Everyone’s a critic. But who of those mean-spirited critics could do better?

Anyway, I’m not going to join the band wagon of bad-mouthing Stephenie Meyer’s books. I am, in fact, grateful for one glaring disconnect in those books. That disconnect was the very thing that inspired the beginning of Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price. It’s entirely possible that I wouldn’t be writing Hadley’s stories without it.

What is that disconnect?

Why would a 100 year old Vampire be the least bit interested in 17 year-old girl? Again, I have my bias on this. I’m a mature man who’s nowhere near 100 years old and I found Bella annoying as hell. She’s not a woman. She a whinny girl. Not attractive.

So in that six to nine months before I started writing, back in 2010, when I was running stories ideas around in my head, the idea of a switch-a-roo came to me. Switch the gender roles. Make the Vampire a woman and the Human, a guy. And bypass the whole teenager thing entirely. If a Vampire really did exist and if one got involved with a Human, chances are, that Vampire would be drawn to an older, more mature, more intelligent and more articulate Human.

For the Vampire Hadley Price, Nathan Hughes was that mature Human.

And presto-change-o, Hadley and Nathan, the Always Love, became vividly real to me. I wrote their story. And along the way, toward the end of that writing project, Hadley let me know she had more to show me. Hadley’s world is huge and her meeting Nathan was only part one of that.

No, this would not be a one-off book. There would be many more books.

Ultimately, what I wrote in 2010, became The Family Eternal: Part One, the second book in the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price saga- and was released just this year.


The Family Eternal: Part One- the second book in the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price saga 

The stories of Hadley, Nathan and their Vampire daughter, Svetlana, take place on another planet, 200 years in the future, so we’ve left anything Twilight far behind. But in a culture were Twilight is mercilessly mocked, I have to respectfully give credit where credit it due.

You can get The Family Eternal: Part One by following this link. And don’t forget to pick up a copy of Hadley’s first book, Beckman’s Folly .well.


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