Happy New Year 2017!

2017-new-year4From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Going along with a New Year, we have a lot of new stuff happening here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price.

Torch, the next full-length Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price novel will be released soon. Yes, a brand new Hadley Price novel in 2017! It’ll be available in paper book and ebook. It’s also available as a mind transfer literary orb. Okay…okay…so it’s not available as a literary orb. But we’re working on that.

Also on the newness list- a new episode of the Grace and the Author podcast is available for your listening pleasure. Episode number 2. (Please refrain from any potty jokes.) No orbs involved. Just a fun podcast with my best friend, Grace, where we discuss books, geeky Sci-Fi stuff, all things Vampire and the Vampire Hadley Price specifically. Click and Clack and have nothing on Grace and me. Listen in for the fun. Like us on Soundcloud. Follow us on Soundcloud. Keep your cards and letters coming. Email Grace and me at: graceandtheauthor@gmail.com. Listen to the Grace and the Authors podcast# 2 here:


So we are just frolicking with newness around here.

Oh. Wait a minute. A couple more new-ish things. The Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Facebook page has a new profile picture and new banner graphic. And both are of Hadley. It’s new artwork by Clarksville, Tenn. artist Keith Wood. Keith also did the great cover art for Torch. And we’ll have a cover reveal closer to the books release. On the Torch book cover Hadley looks totally bad-ass. One pissed-off Vampire. I can’t wait to show it to you.

So there’s lots of new stuff here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price to bring in the New Year. And I and everyone on my Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price team wish you and yours a Happy New Year and the best of luck in 2017!


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