Kudos to Book Baby

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

A big shout out to Book Baby Publishing. No, I don’t work for them and they’re not paying me to say this stuff. They are, however, the company that published my last two books- Torch and The Family Enternal: Part One. Both Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price novels. And Book Baby has been a joy to work with getting those books out.

My first novel, Beckman’s Folly, was published by another company. I’ll be tactful enough to not mention them by name. But they were aweful. Unprofessional, indifferent and sloppy. They took any communications from me and my Editor as the opportunity to aggressively try to up-sale us, while blatantly ignoring any issue we got in touch with them about. All of this was made worse because it was our first time out and frankly, we needed a little hand-holding to navigate how it all worked. We got none. Long delays, unanswered emails, voice mail more times than not when we made a call made it all a challenging ordeal.

Book Baby has been the exact oposite. The quality of their book printing is quite good and they’re customer service is outstanding. Emails returned within a day. When you make a call, you get to talk to a real live person, not voice mail! They are pro-active in resolving any issues quickly. And no damn up-selling.

I spoke with one of their people on the phone a couple days ago. I was kind of having a problem with something on their website while ordering paper book copies of Torch, at the author rate, for our up-coming personal appearance book-signings. As it turns out, there were no problem on their website. It was me. I just didn’t do it right. The guy on their end was totally cool about it. He took my second book order over the phone, instead of having me go back into their website to do it. Totally professional. No-hassle pro-active in processing my order. And friendly while he was doing it. This company and their people are totally johnny-on-the-spot.

So major kudos to Book Baby. I plan on releasing any future Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books with them and recommend that any author consider this company in their publishing plans.