No Guilt Involved

From the desk of W.J. Onufer…

It’s entirely possible that someone who is a skeptic, might feel guilty for enjoying the the music from the album “To Hell with the Devil” by Styper. A free-thinker liking music by a Christian metal band? A big no-no to admit that something Christian is not totally terrible? What would the other skeptics think of that? Snob-factor not ratcheted up high enough? Would that free-thinker be branded “uncool” for such a guilty-pleasure admission?

The answer to that last question is this: a true free-thinker is opened ended. They get past labels and see for themself. They demand proof. Not hype. They do not depend on the concensus of others and have very little interest in determining what is or is not cool.

Besides, it is likewise possible that that same Stryper-listener free-thinker may also listen to bands like Sabaton, Theatres des Vampires, Alice Cooper, Epica, Haggard and Star One. A person does not have to believe that ancient barbarian wars, Vampires, ghosts, dragons and inter-galactic quests are all real to enjoy music based on those fantasies.

One myth is as good as another.

There’s no reason what-so-ever that a free-thinker can’t enjoy Stryper’s music, in that context.

The truth is, “To Hell with the Devil” is a great Heavy Metal album. In-your-face backbeat. Chunky guitars. Soaring vocals. Great stuff.

Put it on. Turn it up.


No guilt involved.

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About W. J. Onufer

Warren Onufer is the official scribe of Tales Of The Vampire Hadley Price. He's been a movie critic, a stringer for a local newspaper, a short story writer and has been- and still is -involved in local radio. Warren is the co-host of the Grace and the Author podcast. He's a life-long Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror fan who lives with his three imaginary Vampire Friends- Hadley, Nathan and Svetlana -in Chicopee, Massacusetts.

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