Me? Writing a book?



From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

As mentioned in earlier posts, the next book in the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price saga will be collection of Hadley short stories and will be titled- Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Short Story Collection Vol. One. Unlike previous Hadley Price books, this one will have some illustrations inside to embelish on the stories. Our official Tale of the Vampire Hadley Price artist, Keith Wood and I are having our regular Friday, share-screen Skype convos to compile the great art work that he’s doing for that. The book is well into production.

I tell you that to say, yes, Hadley’s next book will be coming out soon. Likely before the end of the year or early in 2019. The truth is, the writing for that is all done. The editing and compilation? Finished. I just need to work with Keith on the technical details of actually manifesting a real physical book. And it’s great to have Keith on my team, someone who understand the techie stuff better than I do.

But more than that (or at least equal to it) I tell that to report that I am now heading back into novel-length writing mode for Hadley’s next book-length adventure. I have a few ideas for a title on that, but nothing in stone. Throughout 2018 and the later part of 2017 I’ve been writing nothing but Hadley Price short stories. I won’t say that has come to an end. I get dribs and drabs (writer technical jargon) of short story ideas with Hadley, from time to time. But now, my main focus will be on writing Hadley’s next novel-length book.

Now all you writers, back me up on this. Starting to write a new book is quite exciting. Specially if you’ve written one or more before it. You get all jazzed to get started. When some of the glow of that dies down you realize from past experience that writing a novel is a hellacious amount of work. Just getting the first draft done puts a writer though a creative and emotion ringer. And that’s just the first draft. What normal Human being would willfully put themselves through such an ordeal? You ask yourself: “What the hell did I get myself into here? Me? Writing a book? Who the hell do I think I am that I can actually do that?”

In my case, I have a little Vampire woman who tells me to shut up, stop being a whimpy boy and get to work.

* * *

Stay tuned for news on the progress on and coming release of Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Short Story Colllection: Vol. One. Until then, catch-up on Hadley’s other full-length novels here-…


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