Cute Butt

Cute ButtFrom the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Generally speaking, when I’m in work mode on a Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price project, I become very focused. That isn’t just when I’m writing a Hadley first draft manuscript or editing them with my Editor, Christine Piesyk, but also when I have a Skype work session with our cover artist, Keith Wood.

The next Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price book will not be a novel. It will be a Hadley short story collection. To embellish on those short stories, Keith will not just be doing the book cover art work- as he has with all the other Hadley Price novels -but also some black and white line illustrations art work to embellish on the short stories through out the book.

For the most part, the short stories have been written, edited and compiled. I need to come up with one more, but other than that, the writing part is pretty much done.

The next step is the book cover art work and the inside illustrations. Don’t get me started on the cover art. It’s looks freakin’ fantastic! Keith isn’t done with it yet, but oh man, I really like what I see and hope you’ll dig it too. And that’s all I’ll say about that for right now.

The real reason I’m writing this, is to tell you how Keith did something during our shared-screen Skype convo over the weekend that totally busted my work-mode bubble- in the most enjoyable way. My professional focus was shattered. And instead of being two mature adult men who are very serious genre content creators, for a couple minutes we both lapsed into just being a couple of guys. A couple of guys- with no women around.

What he did do to get me so flustered? I’ve sent him some of the short stories to read to get his take on any visuals from them. And we started in on that. I told him my idea for an Illustration for one of them. Off-screen he got out his sketch board and pencil and drew what my idea was. That gets scanned into his computer and his wonderful hard-line comic book style is brought out in that, digitally. But I just saw a scan of the pencil drawing. And upon seeing it, I laughed out loud.

Why? In that quick-drawn picture, Hadley and her Vampire lover, Nathan have their backs to the viewer. I won’t say what else is in the picture. This is a spoiler-free zone. But in it, Nathan’s a tall stalwart man and Hadley is the much shorter, petite woman.

And in that rear-view, in Keith’s quick-drawn picture, Hadley has the most adorable, cute-sex butt! It was the very first thing I noticed. And I couldn’t take my eyes off it. In our Skype convos both Keith and I have several windows running between us that we go back and forth on and trade off on share-screen. For like two solid minutes, however, I kept going back to that illustration. Hadley’s cute butt fascinated me. And with that fascination my work-mode professionalism crumbled. My work focus- Poof! -gone. I was just a guy and Keith was just a guy and there was a Hadley’s cute butt.

Strictly from a technical stand point, it shouldn’t have surprised me. Keith’s anatomy is really quite good in what he does. He pro-actively studies the Human form and it shows in his work. Particularly the female form. So why not a cute-sexy butt of a petite Vampire in tight jeans? I just didn’t expect to see something so beautiful while in serious work mode. It kind of threw me for a loop.

Look for Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Short Story Collection Volume One, coming to you early in 2019 for your fun-spooky Vampire reading pleasure.

Until then, catch up on all the other Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books here-


Don’t get cocky

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

While waiting for the pending release of The Family Eternal: Part Two, the next Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price novel, I’ve been working on some Hadley short stories. Those short stories can be heard in a free listen on our Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Story Collection on our Mixcloud page.

This after noon I got together with with my Editor, Christine Piesyk, on Skype. She in Clarksville, Tenn. and me in Chicopee, Mass. (Both in the USA) I had two short stories done and we shared screen to look over them for an edit.

Now I’m used to getting a little beat up by Christine in any editing session. Frankly, I count on her to do that. The longer amount of time that I write, the less that happens. It doesn’t matter how good a writer thinks their stuff is, a good Editor can always improve it. And by now, I’m sort of used to the doses of humilty- to a lesser or great degree -that Christine gives me when we edit my stuff.

But oh man, did Christine slap me around really good on one of those two short stories! She make huge changes. No, she didn’t change the story plot. But she did change how the story was told. It all felt like years ago, when I was first starting out and Christine edited the hell out of everything I wrote. Christine isn’t just my Editor, she and I are also decades-long friends and she was along with me back then. But now, I’m an author who is about the release his 4th novel. I should be past all that new-bie stuff, right?

Not so. Christine made extensive changes to my first draft manuscript of that short story. We actually got to the point where she was writing stuff to add into it. She never does that. In our edits she may change my words, but they’re MY words. She added stuff that were her words. Her original sentences. And I couldn’t deny that her words made the telling of the story so much better. Before we were even done, I told her that I would share the byline on this. Yes, her original writing made that much of a difference and I simple had to give credit where credit is due.

So I was a battered writer who’s ego took a huge hit when we went to edit the second of the two short stories. I was ready for further abuse. Was I getting too cocky thinking that I could just throw some words down and a great story would just happen? I was concerned that I may have gotten to that point. I was concerned that I was starting to write garbage and didn’t know it.

But after a quick look through on my second short story- which lasted about fifteen minutes, a much lesser amount of time than the first – Christine said, “This isn’t half bad.” Allow me to translate that from Editor-Speak. It mean: “This is a good story, well written.” We breezed through that second short story with minimal changes. Humility accepted. Ego on the mend. Single byline intact.

This proved to me, that while I am, in fact, an author about to release his 4th novel, I am still capable of writing garbage. It’s a reminder to keep the cockyness in check. Don’t get sloppy.

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A new episode of the Grace and the Author Podcast

A new episode of the Grace and the Author Podcast! Episode# 9.

You never know where the Vampire Hadley Price will show up

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Hadley Price is a Vampire woman with a mind of her own. As the author of the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books, she allows me to tag along as her offical scribe, to tell you about her adventures. I have no illusions that I, in any way, control her. As a result, there are times when she goes off without telling me. You never know where the Vampire Hadley Price will show up.

There’s a very exciting project in production right now and Hadley’s involved. It’s in a medium other than in the pages of her books. I don’t mean to be a tease about this (well, maybe a little) but I can’t say anything more about that at this time. When it’s released- and that will be soon -I’ll let you know.  Or more specifically, Hadley’ll inform me, then I’ll pass that along to you.

In other news- I just finished the first draft of the next Tales of the Vampire novel a few days ago and have sent that to my Editor, Christine Piesyk. Any author will be tell you that there is a huge sense of acomplishment in getting the first draft of a book done. Any author will also tell you that the calmness of that satisfaction is soon replaced by the storm of the editing process. I’m preparing myself for the doses of humility that Christine takes great delight in giving me in that.

I’ve also been communicating with my cover artist, Keith Wood. He and I are well beyond the half-way point of what that next book’s cover will look like.

But all of that is something you’ll see when that book comes out in a time frame that we project to be something in the order of a year to year and half from now.

For now, Hadley’s new book, Torch, is available to satisfy all your Vampire reading desires. Get your copy, in paper book or ebook, by click on the link here.

And as far as Hadley showing up elsewhere? Stay tuned for more info on that exciting new project I told you about. When you find out what that is, it’ll be worth going through all this tease.

An Appreciation for the Vampire Svetlana Magnovska

svet-aprecFrom the desk of W. J. Onufer…

“I have a whole new appreciation for Svetlana now,” my Editor, Christine Piesyk, told me. That was her opening greeting to me as we got together, on Skype Sunday afternoon. We’re on the edge of getting Torch, the next Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price novel, published and we were dealing with some of the thousands of things we have to do to make that happen.

“A whole new appreciation for Svetlana?” I said. “In what way?”

“She doesn’t speak with contractions.”

I got a good laugh from that.

You see, over the last month or so, Christine and I have been dealing with a glitch in word processing software. The short version is this- Open Office Writer has a couple of straight lines as their quotation marks. They’re not curly. Now, to anyone other that a writer, that’s no big deal. And I was going to let it ride until I did a little research and found out that those straight line quotation marks are considered unprofessional when submitting a manuscript. Since I wrote all the stuff for Torch on Open Office, Christine and I had to change all the straight quotation marks to curly ones.

One would think that a simple search and replace would fix the whole manuscript. Or go into Settings and select or deselect certain things One would think. Not so. Very-not so. I won’t go into details except to say that it was ridiculously complicated to fix the straight quotation marks. When it comes to quotation marks, Open Office and Microsoft Word don’t play well together.

Christine did manage to fix some things, in bulk. But even after seeking help on Youtube and other tutorial online sources, the result was a big, sorry, you’re SOL when it came to apostrophes, those curly things used in conjunctions- like we’re, I’d or she’s. And being consistent, Open Office had theirs as a straight line, not as a curly line. It all resulted in making it necessary for Christine to go through the entire manuscript to correct the apostrophes. The Quotations marks could be fixed in bulk, but for some reason the apostrophes couldn’t. So Christine went, line by line and manually changed the straight apostrophes into curly apostrophes.

Now, if you haven’t read any on my Tales of the Vampire Hadley books, here’s a couple words of explanation. The three main characters are the Vampire Hadley Price, her Vampire lover, Nathan Hughes and their daughter, the young Vampire, Svetlana Magnovska.

Svetlana is a tall blonde beauty of a young Vampire. She’s forty years old but she looks like a teen age girl. She was born in Russia. As such, she speaks English with a Russian accent. To emphasize her accent, I purposely write her dialogue without any words that are contractions. It’s sort of like Data, in Next Gen, who never used contractions when he spoke. Can’t is always can-not. We’re is always we-are.

So whenever Christine came across some of Svetlana’s dialogue- and Svetlana tends to be a bit of a chatty gal -there weren’t any contractions to fix. No straight apostrophes to make curly.

Thank you very much, Svetlana Magnovska. We appreciate your help.

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A Vampire, An Editor and a bunch of Beta Readers

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Testing…testing…Is this thing on?

Ah. Yes. So I’m back. My last entry in this was back in July. Where have I gone? Nowhere. I’ve just been a huge slacker who hasn’t updated this. So now I’m back. Hadley’s been rather annoyed that I haven’t kept up with this. And generally speaking you don’t want to make a habit of annoying the Vampire Hadley Price.


A few thoughts about Editors verses Beta Readers.

But first a short-version update on what’s been happening here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price since July.

Hadley second book, The Family Eternal: Part One has been released. It’s a short-novel available as an e-book only. You can get order that, as well as Hadley’s first full-length novel, Beckman’s Folly by clicking on this link-

In October, My little Vampire gal was, once again, a guest character in the Byron Chronicles audio drama. It’s a two-part Halloween episode entitled The Dawn of ’78. Series producer, Eric Busby and I collaborated on writing the script. What’s it about? The Vampire Hadley Price and Byron, the Paleman of Portand have a run-in with zombies. And not just zombies, but zombie in a shopping mall. I was a lot of fun to write. You’ll have fun listening to it. You can do that by clicking on this link-

The Byron Chronicles – Halloween Special – The Dawn of ’78 – Part 1: Patient Zero

Now to the issue of Editors verses Beta Readers.

Why this topic? For the last few months, my Editor, Christine Piesyk, and I have been editing Torch, the next full-length Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price novel. It’s been rather intense. And that may go a long way in explaining why I’ve been absent from updating here. In either case, we’re looking at a release date of that some time after the beginning of the year.

The editing of Beckman’s Folly was my first experience with something I wrote that was book-length. In retrospect, the editing of it was fairly smooth. And editing of The Family Eternal: Part One was a walk in the park.

With the smooth editing experience of my first two books, I may have been a little cocky when I went into editing Torch. Christine, my Editor, soon issued me huge does of humility that cured me of that cockiness. I won’t go into detail, except to say that substantial changes were made to the manuscript. The content of the story wasn’t altered. The way it was told, however, was. Christine slapped me around pretty good on this.

So editing has consumed my life’s energy recently. And Hadley’s over my shoulder having a big laugh as I stumble through this.

It got me to thinking about a thread on an online forum I participated in a year or so back. In that forum, someone said that they didn’t need an Editor to look at what they’re written because they have 20 Beta Readers.

Now, a definitions of terms might be necessary. If you don’t know what a Beta Reader is, allow me to explain. A Beta Reader is someone who reads an unpublished manuscript and is asked for their opinion about it. Generally speaking, a Beta Reader is not a writer. They just like to read. And generally their feed-back is about content.

An Editor is a reader as well. But an Editor is also a writer. And writers are a totally different kind of animal than a reader. An Editor is a professional. What they do is very esoteric. And frankly, after seeing the magic that Christine does to make my writing better, I have to say that they are the unsung heros of books. 90% of Christine’s feed-back has nothing to do with content. Instead, it has everything to do with the technical side of writing.

A reader may sense that something isn’t quite right in a manuscript, but not know precisely what that is. But an Editor will know exactly what’s wrong. And not just that, but also know how to fix it.

Put it this way- would you bring in 20 home-owner, weekend fix-it men to repair a problem with your pipes or a Professional Plumber?

That, and I would never send out an unpublished manuscript of mine to 20 people. I have 3 Beta Readers on my Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price team. I trust each of them. Can anyone say they know 20 people well enough and trust each one so nothing in the way of theft or plagiarism would ever happen?

Maybe the person expressing that opinion never worked with a great Editor. If they did, they would never say that a bunch of Beta Readers could replace one Editor. It’s been my good fortune to be associated with Christine, one kick-ass Editor. I couldn’t have done all of this without her.

That, and Hadley likes Christine. So I have to be nice to my Editor. Generally speaking you don’t want to make a habit of annoying the Vampire Hadley Price. Or your Editor, for that matter…





Lots Of Irons In The Fire

Had B&W

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

We got a lot of irons in the fire here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price. Lot of things coming up in 2016 and 2017.

I’m listening to the new Avatarium album as I write this. Hadley thinks their first album was better. But I think this one isn’t bad. So if my typing get a little sloppy, it’s because I’m doing a wavy head-bang to the slow-jamming doom-metal of this cool band and their great singer.

It’s been decided by all of us here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price, that the next major book of Hadley Price Adventures will be coming out sometime next year. My Editor, Christine Piesyk, has the manuscript for it. And I’m bracing myself for the doses of humility she always gives me when I fool myself into thinking that I’ve handed her a literary work of genius. So the first draft of the next Hadley Price Adventure is done. It just needs to be edited- which means it’s not none. And I’m bracing myself for when Christine slaps me off my pedestal and repeatedly kicks me square in the ego. I get the distinct impression that both Christine and Hadley enjoy making me squirm in that process. Hadley may be a Vampire with powers beyond Human kind. But it’s Christine who has the real magic here. She takes what I write and turns it into a real books.

At this point you may be thinking that all you have to look forward this year in the world of Hadley Price is teasers for that book. Hype to reveal the book’s title. Hype to reveal the cover art. Hype to get a teaser about what the story in Hadley’s next adventure is about. This a good news/bad news scenario. The bad news is, yes, those teasers for that book will be coming this year.

The good news is, Hadley thought that was all really lame. No new content until next year? A two-year gap between her first book, Beckman’s Folly and the next one? That wasn’t making it with her. So over the last few months she’s chained me to my desk and made me churn out a couple of novellas about her world. Novellas. Embryo novels. Truth be told, the second one isn’t done yet. But the first one is. And she didn’t chain me to anything. She just lured me in with great piles of chocolate, coffee and cigarettes. Forget the breakfast of champions. That’s the nocturnal nourishment of this Vampire author.

In either case, that first novella will be coming out this year, on or before the first anniversary of the release of Beckman’s Folly. As a mini Hadley novel, we’ll be releasing it as an ebook only. Christine knows that this a priority to Hadley and me, so editing it is higher on the list than the next major book that will be released as both a paper book and an ebook, next year. I’ve also seen the initial sketches from our artist, Keith Wood, for that novella’s cover art. I have to say, he totally nails what Hadley looks like. Keith never disappoints on that. Like the cover art for Beckman’s Folly that he did, this too, looks amazing.

In other news, I have a couple of radio station interviews pending. One with a radio station is Alabama and one with a radio station in Massachusetts (My home state.) Also, I’ve already done a Skype interview with the cools guys over at Something About Geek Stuff. They tell me that video will be posted on their Youtube channel of the same name, sometime next month.

There’s one other thing that has gotten my fully attention recently. And it just happened within the last couple of weeks. There’s someone very high up in a form of entertainment that features Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror content, who has approached me to be a contributing writer. For the time being, I’m not going to say who that is or what that is. I figure if this turns out to be a big nothing, I’ll look stupid promoting it. But if it does happen, it’ll be the coolest thing ever. Working with this person would be a dream come true. That’s one of the perks of being an author. You get to meet people who’s work you’ve always enjoyed. And that the case here. So we’ll see what happens on this. I’ll certainly keep you posted.

Also on the agenda is to go bookstore hopping and library hopping in my area. Nothing is planned so far, but to be at another book signing or author seminar would be way cool. They’re always fun. Again, I’ll keep you posted.

Hadley just dumped another pile of chocolate on my desk, along with a full pack of cigarettes and a large Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. So if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to it and finish that second novella…