An author hitting the wall of The Peter Principle?

P Princ

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Gather around my friends as I tell you the tale of how this author (me) hit the wall of the Peter Priciple…

One of the promotional vehicles I have in place to get the word out on my Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books is the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection on my Mixcloud page.

It’s been up for about a year and a half now and only within the last few days have I noticed something there that brought my attention to a classic case of the Peter Principle.

What’s the Peter Principle? It’s the name of the classic business/sociology book by Dr. Laurence Peter published in 1970. The Peter Principle says that “people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their level of incompetence.” So, in any given situation, just because you’re good at one in that, doesn’t mean that you’ll be good at everything in that situation. Yes…yes…I know, I’m over simplify the Peter Principle and kind of imposing my interpretation on that. But just follow me on this.

I write the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books. The three main characters are- the Vampire Hadley Price, her monogamous lover the Vampire Nathan Hughes and their daughter, the young Vampire Svetlana Magnovska. Svetlana speaks English with a Russian accent. And it is precisely because of how Svetlana speaks that I hit the wall of the Peter Principle.

As a break between writing Hadley full-length novels, I’ve been writing Hadley short stories. The tentitive plan is to release those in a compilation book of those short stories sometime next year. Currently, and, as I’ve mentioned, some (not all) those are posted as a FREE audio narration on the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Short Story Collection on Mixcloud.

Hadley Price is always the central figure but in the short stories she is not always the featured character. In other words, all the action relates directed to Hadley, even know in some of those short stories she may not always up front and present.

I mention that because Svetlana is in a few of those Hadley short stories. In two of them, she is the featured character. I love writing Svetlana, the young Vampire who’s still kind of new to it all who is mentored by Hadley Price, the powerful Vampire known as the Guardian Angel. It’s a lot fun to write them and Nathan and how, sometimes Svetlana needs help to speak English correctly. And at the risk of tooting my own horn, I’m getting kind of good at doing that.

Here it the point where I hit the Peter Principle wall.

In farting around in the prep-work to post The Protected Human, the next addition to the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Short Story Collection, I went to my Mixcloud page. For some reason, I noticed something that I just didn’t see before- none of those narrated stories had Svetlana in them- even know I’ve written Hadley short stories that feature her. Most of that audio is Hadley and Nathan. There is nothing posted there where Svetlana shows up.

There’s a very good reason for that. I have risen to the level of my incompetence.

I do all the narration for the Tales of The Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection myself. I’m hardly a professional voice actor. But I’ve gotten to a point where I can fake Hadley and Nathan’s way of talking.

But try as I might, I simply can not narrate in Svetlana’s Russian accent. Or at least one that semi-believable. And certainly not one of a Vampire who looks like a twenty-year-old Human young woman. And that, while I’m the one directly responsible for writing her that way. All trys at that were aweful. If I posted me doing Svetlana talking I would just embarrass myself and take a huge hit on Hadley’s franchise by coming off so amateurish. Once I noticed that- and how could I not, it was really damn obvious -I made the decision to not post anything with Svetlana in it on Mixcloud. She only appears in Hadley’s books.

So I’m an expert when it comes to knowing these characters. I writing them with a voice of authority. I’m kind of getting good at it. After doing that for so many years I have no excuse for not getting better at it. I created the Hadley-verse and I’m quite comfortable there. In this end of the situation, I’m fairly competent.

But none of that prepared me for trying speak like Svetlana.

Pow! Busted! Textbook perfect example of the Peter Principle.

* * *

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The Family Eternal: Part Two book cover reveal coming soon!

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A new episode of the Grace and the Author Podcast

A new episode of the Grace and the Author Podcast! Episode# 9.

Don’t you just love delays?


Torch- The new Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price novel by W. J. Onufer

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Torch, the new Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price novel is now out on ebook. The paper back version, however, has been delayed. I won’t go into detail except to say that my team and I have been dealing with not just one, but two last minute technical problems. They may be last minute, but they’re taking some what more time than that to fix. And when those issues are resolved, we’ll let you know when you can get a paperback copy of Torch of your very own.

In the mean time, what’s a author to do? There’s no rest- as they they say  -for the wicked. There’s always something to do here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley price. In my wait for all the techie stuff to be fixed on Torch, I’ve been working on the the next Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price book. I’m making significant progress on that. I should have a fist draft done in a month or so. And the title of that book- that comes out after Torch -will, for the time being, be my little secret. Stay tuned for a revelation of that title, at some point in the future and the release date- which should be sometime toward the end of next year.

But for now, Torch is coming your way. It will, that is, when all the techcial stuff is fixed- which should be soon.

As I’ve said, the ebook of Torch is now available. You can get that here:

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Artwork by Keith Wood.

Grace and the Author Podcast Number 2!


From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Grace and the Author Podcast, Episode number two! The topic? Inspiration!

Yes, we don’t know when to quit. The second episode of the Grace and the Author Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

In episode one we introduced ourselves. If you missed that, here’s the short version-

My name is Warren Onufer. Under the name W. J. Onufer, I write the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books. Elizabeth “Grace” DeCourcey is my best friend. Yes, a guy and a gal who are best friends. Grace is an amazing cook. The things she creates in her kitchen are yummy. And I’m a lucky recipient of that. So a writer and someone who doesn’t write. And as my best friend she gets hear me whine and moan when the writing isn’t working out so well. And gets to calm me down when it does. With Vampires. Grace and the Author takes you behind the scenes in all it takes to write, edit, publish and promote the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books. Click and Clack have nothing on Grace and me. Listen in for the fun.

And if you missed that first episode, you can catch up, by listening to it before or after you listen to episode number two. For free. No charge.

Yes, Grace and the Author Podcast number two! And please, refrain from any potty jokes

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Happy New Year 2017!

2017-new-year4From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Going along with a New Year, we have a lot of new stuff happening here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price.

Torch, the next full-length Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price novel will be released soon. Yes, a brand new Hadley Price novel in 2017! It’ll be available in paper book and ebook. It’s also available as a mind transfer literary orb. Okay…okay…so it’s not available as a literary orb. But we’re working on that.

Also on the newness list- a new episode of the Grace and the Author podcast is available for your listening pleasure. Episode number 2. (Please refrain from any potty jokes.) No orbs involved. Just a fun podcast with my best friend, Grace, where we discuss books, geeky Sci-Fi stuff, all things Vampire and the Vampire Hadley Price specifically. Click and Clack and have nothing on Grace and me. Listen in for the fun. Like us on Soundcloud. Follow us on Soundcloud. Keep your cards and letters coming. Email Grace and me at: Listen to the Grace and the Authors podcast# 2 here:

So we are just frolicking with newness around here.

Oh. Wait a minute. A couple more new-ish things. The Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Facebook page has a new profile picture and new banner graphic. And both are of Hadley. It’s new artwork by Clarksville, Tenn. artist Keith Wood. Keith also did the great cover art for Torch. And we’ll have a cover reveal closer to the books release. On the Torch book cover Hadley looks totally bad-ass. One pissed-off Vampire. I can’t wait to show it to you.

So there’s lots of new stuff here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price to bring in the New Year. And I and everyone on my Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price team wish you and yours a Happy New Year and the best of luck in 2017!

Flubbing and Stuttering

There’a a country singer/song writer by the name of Mel Tillus who reached the peek of his comercial fame the 1970s and 80s. I may be giving away my age by knowing who he is. Not to mention betraying my Heavy Metal music loyalty.

Other than country music, it was well-known that he’s a man who speaks with a stutter. And the amazing thing about that was, when he sang, the stutter disapeared.

I work, part-time at a local radio station. There’s a guy there who also speaks with a stutter. Most of the time you wouldn’t even notice it. It seems to come out more when he’s stressed or pissed-off or when he’s laughing and finds something very funny. And since we’re friends and I sometimes am the source of something very funny or the reason he’s pissed-off, I do see the stuttering come out. But the the guy is a genius in the production studio. He voices comercials, promos and liners. A man who stutters, voicing stuff that airs on the radio? Yes. When the microphone is turned on, the stutter disappears and he comes off Casey Kasem smooth. Like Mel Tillus and singing, an open mic for this guy and the stutter’s gone.

I am not challenged by that very real speech-language malady. But you would never know it by listening to the Grace and the Author podcast. I’m the co-host of that along with my best friend, Grace. Each podcast of not scripted. The two of us are having a conversation. True- we do have a topic and we stick to that topic. But the conversation has an organic quality, mostly because it is a real conversation. And going back and listening to those recordings, I hear that I flub-up and stutter quite a bit.

Now stay with me as I mention something else on the internet that has my voice recording.

As part of the promotion of my Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price book series, I make a recording of me narrating the first chapter of the each book and post them on my Sound Cloud page as sort of a tease to get people to buy the books. I’ve already recorded the first chapter of Torch. When that book comes out- which should be soon -I’ll post the first chapter narration of that on my spund cloud page as well. But for now, when you listen to the recordings of the first chapter of Beckman’s Folly and The Family Eternal: Part One, there is a noticable lack of stuttering or anything in the way of flubbed-up talking.

So what’s the real me? The guy who sometimes speaks fluent flubbed-up when trying to keep up with Grace’s witty banter on the Grace and the Author podcast? Or the more professional sound of me narrating those scripted first chapters- where this is zero flubbing or stuttering?

Before I answer that, allow me to say a little about people who create audio entertainment. As an author of a couple books, it’s been my good forture to make the aqauntance of some people who create world-class audio content. One of those people is Eric Busby of Eric Busby Presents. He’s most well-known for the Byron Chronicles continuing audio drama. My little Vampire gal, Hadley Price was a guest character in three Byron Chronicles episodes. I and Eric wrote the scripts. I also had a bit voice part in one of them. Eric is a great writer and producer and has some amazingly talented voice actors on his team. The unmistakable voice of David Alt as Byron. And voice actor Natalie Van Sistine did a great job as Hadley. And through that, I’ve gotten an apreciation of professional sound mixers, producers and professional voice actors. They make it all look easy.

It isn’t.

I found that out when I did the narration of those first chapters. Yes, I do have some experience with radio announcing and production. But I soon found out that I am not an actor. Any attemps just came of really stupid. And more than that, I found out that it was nearly impossible for me to record something that is several pages long without making a mistake- ruining the take of the whole thing. Try it sometime. I imagine any of those talented voice actors associated with Eric Busby Presents productions could do that. But not me.

So how is that there’s no mistakes (no major ones anyway) and no stuttering or flubbing in the narration of those first chapters that I recorded? Mel Tillus had singing. My buddy at the radio station had a mic switch in the on position. Me? I cheated a little. And I used technology to do it.

I diced the copy into pieces that are only two or three paragraphs long. I record those pieces. It may take more than one try on each piece. But if I make a mistake, I only blew that three paragraph section- not the whole thing. Then I digitally edit all those pieces together and it sort of sounds like I’m semi-professional.

So that’s my trick on that on. I cheated. It sounds like I read the whole without mistakes. The truth is, most of those pieces were done in one take. But man, there were a few that were stubborn. So I just kept doing take after take until I got it right.

In short, I edited out the stuttering and flubbing. But I can be a flubbing and stuttering kind of guy. And you get the full unedited version of that in the Grace and the Author podcast.

So what’s the real me? I’m both guys. Just don’t take away my audio editing software.

Check out the band new episode of Grace and the Author podcast. We’re still new at this. It’s our second episode. Give us a listen. Email us at: