Bing Comic Con 2018

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Yup. This dorky-looking guy will be have a vendor table at the Bing Comic, along with Grace of Grace and the Author Podcast. Get your copies of Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books, signed by the Author.

The Bing Comic Con in less than two weeks! See you there.

Bing Comic Con 2018, October 27th at Asbury Hally/Trinity Church at 361 Sumner Ave. in Springfield, MA from 11-5. $5 admission! All proceeds go to supporting the non-profit Bing Arts Center!




Don’t Give Them Any Ideas



DGTAI cover

“Don’t Give Them Any Ideas”.

The NEW addition to the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection on Mixcloud is now available for your FREE Vampire thrills and chills listening pleasure. Be sure to click the “Follow” button while you’re there.

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Which is more challenging?

Family-Eternal-2-Cover-v2-HiResFrom the desk of W. J. Onufer…

A question for all the writers. Which is more challenging- when your Editor makes a lot changes to your first draft…or when they make minimal changes?

My Editor, Christine Piesyk, lives in Clarksville, Tenn. I live in Chicopee, Mass. We edit anything I write together. When I make the trip to Clarksville, we do that together, in the same room, line-by-line. But most editing is done via share screen on Skype.

I mention that, because, this past weekend. Christine took a lookee-see at a short story I wrote, again via Skype. Christine and I go way back. She is, in the very real sense, my writing mentor. Now she’s my Editor. In all the highs and lows of putting out the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books since the first one came out in 2015, Christine has been with me for the whole strange trip that it’s been. That means, early on, she’s seen my writing when it’s needed…help. And over the years my writing has improved- mostly because of the doses of humillity Christine has issued me in that time.

It’s not fun but I’m sort of used to those doses of humillity by now. I’m used to Christine pointing out stuff that needs to be rewritten, chopped-out entirely and sometimes, simply trashed and start over. She gives it to me straight when something is working and when it isn’t. And frankly, I count on her for that. We’ve gotten to the point, however, where I get it right more times than not now. Christine didn’t change anything in that short story this weekend. She did correct some spelling. (I’m a writer not a speller.) But no revisions. No rewrites. No moving copy around.

And that, my writer fiends, is more challenging than when Christine goes up one side and down the other on me, on all the things I get wrong. It’s a mini-freak-out of the most enjoyable kind. I got it right? All of it? Seriously?

The only thing more challenging than failure, is success.

I really don’t have any excuse for producing crappy writing. But i’m sure if I do, Christine will let me know.

What has your experience been in this reguard? Which is more challenging- the ego-crushing corrections of your Editor…or the scary new expectations of having to maintain that new level of writing quality when your Editor’s red pen appears less frequently?

Grace and the Author Podcast Number 2!


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Grace and the Author Podcast, Episode number two! The topic? Inspiration!

Yes, we don’t know when to quit. The second episode of the Grace and the Author Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

In episode one we introduced ourselves. If you missed that, here’s the short version-

My name is Warren Onufer. Under the name W. J. Onufer, I write the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books. Elizabeth “Grace” DeCourcey is my best friend. Yes, a guy and a gal who are best friends. Grace is an amazing cook. The things she creates in her kitchen are yummy. And I’m a lucky recipient of that. So a writer and someone who doesn’t write. And as my best friend she gets hear me whine and moan when the writing isn’t working out so well. And gets to calm me down when it does. With Vampires. Grace and the Author takes you behind the scenes in all it takes to write, edit, publish and promote the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books. Click and Clack have nothing on Grace and me. Listen in for the fun.

And if you missed that first episode, you can catch up, by listening to it before or after you listen to episode number two. For free. No charge.

Yes, Grace and the Author Podcast number two! And please, refrain from any potty jokes

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Something about Geek Stuff

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Check out the interview I recently had with Samuel and Johnathan at Something About Geek Stuff.

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