1,000…and counting.

1,000From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

You too can become part of the second kilo!

We here at Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books are celebrating a big one thousand! Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Narrated Short Story Collection just surpassed one thousand minutes listened to on our mixcloud page. (1,019 at the moment, to be exact.)

It’s not exactly mega millions, but not a bad start. And we want to thank everyone who stopped by to listen to Hadley’s adventures. You make it all worthwhile. You folks are the pioneers, the exclusive premere kilo club. I thank you and Hadley thanks you.

Become part of the second kilo on our way to mega-millions. Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Short Story Collection is always a FREE listen. No sign-up. No credit card needed. No user name and password for you to remember. No Human blood volunteer needed to satisfy Hadley’s thirst. (Not there anyways. Elsewhere, you’re on your own on that.)

Just click this link, click “play all” then presto-chango, a bunch of fun-creepy Hadley Price Vampire short stories in your ears. Or download them to your mobile device. While you’re there, get the Mixcloud app to help you with that. And don’t forget to hit the “Follow” button.


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From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Just when you think you have a few years under your belt as a published author, are comfortable in that and think there’s nothing more you cam learn about writing- you bump into something you don’t know about writing. And in that bumping, you learn something new.

My newest Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price book is not a book-length novel. It’s compilation of Hadley short stories, titled, Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Short Story Collection Vol. One.

More than one year before the book’s release, I created the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection on Mixcloud. From that time until the books release (and after) I periodically added posts to that. In that over one-year of time, it really did become a collection of Hadley audio stories. The idea was to cross-promote both the read-book and the listened-to-audio. Kind of a Hadley Price short story cluster.

Hadley has suggested to me that it be called the Comprehensive Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Short Short Continium- encompassing both the read and audio material. She and I kind of go back and forth on calling it this. She knows that when we present stuff to the public, it sort of looks like we know what we’re doing. And while Hadley always knows what she’s doing, I’m just a Human, not a Vampire like she. Everything we do behind the scenes before I release something to the public, can often be a bit chaotic. At times it’s one big cluster F…utzengoober. Yes. Futzengoober. A very unflattering adjective to describe a cluster. Writer’s technical jaron.

But something very interesting occasionally reveals itself in the midst of choas. And Hadley would tell you that if there there was anyone who would have the opertunity to see things revealed in such a scenerio, it would be someone as chaotic as me.

What have I discovered in the more than one-year-long adventures of writing this new Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Short Story Collection book and producing it’s companion Hadley Price audio?

Writing to be read and writing to be heard are not necessarily the same thing.

(Duh! Did you just figure that out, Warren?)

Think of this way- Shakespear was not written to be read. It was written to be heard. Actors on stage saying the lines.

Now I’ve had the good fortune to have some of my writing produced with professional voice actors by Eric Busy Presents- an online audio drama theater company. And I submitted that writing in script form. My writing style is dialogue-heavy, so it’s always been relatively easy to convert that to a spoken-word script format

I’ve likewise had some success in producing my own stuff for the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection on Mixcloud.

Maybe the reason I’ve come to see this is that I have NOT been working on the next novel-length Hadley Price book, over the last year or so. Just Hadley short stories. Now that her next book is in production and will be released soon, I’m getting back to that. In this back and forth, one thing is very clear- novels and short stories are two entirely different kinds of animals.

(Duh!# 2)

I knew that going into it. But it’s only recently that I’ve gained a new understanding of what writing works in read-form and not in heard-form- and vise versa. For the most part, anything I wrote would work in either. But the more I wrote shorter Hadley fiction, the more I ran into the occasion where something I wrote just didn’t work in read-form. It did, however, totally work in audio, listening-form.

I can’t help thinking that my on-going production of the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection on Mixcloud over the last year or so has, in part, rewired my brain to think in terms of what a story sounds like. Agressive or more subtle reading by me. Music and sound effects to embelish the dramatic moments. With short story writing I now tend to think about the technical side of what it would take to make that entertaining for a listener.

In novel writing, none of that clutter is a factor. Audio books withstanding, novels are designed to be read. I still have yet to decide if this audio influence will get in the way in any future writing- or if that is simply just one, of the now more than one, ways that I write.

If you’re a writer, never get complacent in that. Take it for me. There’s a something-you-don’t-know-about-writing bump in your future.

* * *

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Listen to Hadley short stories on the Tales of The Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection here. (No, you don’t get to cheat on this. Not all the short stories in the book are in the narrated version. Most aren’t. But there are some FREE-bees here.)

Bing Comic Con 2018

From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

Yup. This dorky-looking guy will be have a vendor table at the Bing Comic, along with Grace of Grace and the Author Podcast. Get your copies of Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price books, signed by the Author.

The Bing Comic Con in less than two weeks! See you there.

Bing Comic Con 2018, October 27th at Asbury Hally/Trinity Church at 361 Sumner Ave. in Springfield, MA from 11-5. $5 admission! All proceeds go to supporting the non-profit Bing Arts Center!



Don’t Give Them Any Ideas



DGTAI cover

“Don’t Give Them Any Ideas”.

The NEW addition to the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection on Mixcloud is now available for your FREE Vampire thrills and chills listening pleasure. Be sure to click the “Follow” button while you’re there.

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A Special Announcement



From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

A special announcement-

Season One of the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Narrated Short Story Collection on Mixcloud will conclude with a little ditty called, “Don’t Give Them Any Ideas”. It was written and will be read my me, Mister little ditty guy.

What exactly is the line of demarcation between Season One and Season Two? So glad you asked.

“Don’t Give Them Any Ideas” will be the last narrated Hadley Price short story posted before the release of Hadley’s new book- Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Short Story Collection Vol. One.

Now you’re thinking: “Why should I purchase the new book of Hadley Price short stories when it comes out, when I can listen to them on Warren and Hadley’s Mixcloud page for free?”

Here’s the catch- Not all of the short stories in the book are on that Mixcloud page. Most of them aren’t. You have to listen AND read to get them all. Yes, I’m being a bit of a control freak in all of this. I thought about making you do the Hokey-Pokey dance, wearing an Elvira costume while listening and reading. But Hadley vetoed that idea.

Until the release of Hadley’s next book, catch up on the other Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price full-length novels here-

Me? Writing a book?



From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

As mentioned in earlier posts, the next book in the Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price saga will be collection of Hadley short stories and will be titled- Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Short Story Collection Vol. One. Unlike previous Hadley Price books, this one will have some illustrations inside to embelish on the stories. Our official Tale of the Vampire Hadley Price artist, Keith Wood and I are having our regular Friday, share-screen Skype convos to compile the great art work that he’s doing for that. The book is well into production.

I tell you that to say, yes, Hadley’s next book will be coming out soon. Likely before the end of the year or early in 2019. The truth is, the writing for that is all done. The editing and compilation? Finished. I just need to work with Keith on the technical details of actually manifesting a real physical book. And it’s great to have Keith on my team, someone who understand the techie stuff better than I do.

But more than that (or at least equal to it) I tell that to report that I am now heading back into novel-length writing mode for Hadley’s next book-length adventure. I have a few ideas for a title on that, but nothing in stone. Throughout 2018 and the later part of 2017 I’ve been writing nothing but Hadley Price short stories. I won’t say that has come to an end. I get dribs and drabs (writer technical jargon) of short story ideas with Hadley, from time to time. But now, my main focus will be on writing Hadley’s next novel-length book.

Now all you writers, back me up on this. Starting to write a new book is quite exciting. Specially if you’ve written one or more before it. You get all jazzed to get started. When some of the glow of that dies down you realize from past experience that writing a novel is a hellacious amount of work. Just getting the first draft done puts a writer though a creative and emotion ringer. And that’s just the first draft. What normal Human being would willfully put themselves through such an ordeal? You ask yourself: “What the hell did I get myself into here? Me? Writing a book? Who the hell do I think I am that I can actually do that?”

In my case, I have a little Vampire woman who tells me to shut up, stop being a whimpy boy and get to work.

* * *

Stay tuned for news on the progress on and coming release of Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price: The Short Story Colllection: Vol. One. Until then, catch-up on Hadley’s other full-length novels here-


Where the Author got her name



From the desk of W. J. Onufer…

A comment on Hadley’s name, but first, a brief anecdote-

I had a most pleasant surprise today when I ran into someone I know that I haven’t seen in a couple years.

While at Best Buy to replace my damaged cell phone, I recognized someone at the other end of the cell phone customer service counter.

It turned out to be Desiree Smelcer. A couple of years ago I did a book reading and signing at the South Hadley Public Library. Desiree was my contact person in that library.

She remembered me. I have since emailed her. The South Hadley Public Library has a copy of Hadley’s first book, Beckman’s Folly, but not Torch, the other paper book/ebook release. Hadley’s two other books were ebook only. In that email, I asked to make an appointment to see Desiree at her office to donate a copy of Torch to the library since I- very unprofessionally -didn’t followup with Desiree when Torch came out last year. And update her on the pending release of Hadley’s next book.

I had a great time at the book reading and signing at the South Hadley Public Library. It would be way cool to do that with them again sometime. Desiree is great to work with in something like that. And we’ll keep you updated on any possible personal appearances there.

Now being the perceptive person that you are, you’ve noticed something very obvious in this- the word “Hadley”. Yes, South Hadley, Massachusetts is a real place. And Desiree and that library are in that real place. South Hadley as in H-A-D-L-E-Y. As in Tales of the Vampire Hadley Price Books, also spelled H-A-D-L-E-Y.


No. That real town near home to me is exactly where I got Hadley’s name.

Who knows- if there was a town near me called South Bertha, Massachusetts, I could be writing the Tales of the Vampire Bertha Price books.

Nah. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

* * *

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